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Shop Monica's, (formerly known as Monica's Closet Essentials) has actually been around since December of 2012. When I first opened this boutique I had just graduated college and knew I didn't belong in the corporate world. I was working in pharmaceutical sales and blogging on the side, where I would share my daily life and a whole lot of outfit inspo. My store was created in the home I grew up in, which is so special to me. I remember being in my early 20's, living at my parents and sitting in my room upstairs watching the orders come in and packaging away. Every day I would set up a tripod while my parents were at work and take pictures of each outfit in their backyard. In 2014 I married my best friend and got my first baby, a golden retriever named Charley. Then, in 2016 I owned a tiny little suite where I sold my clothes at a salon in League city and I learned and grew so much during that year! In 2017 I became pregnant with my first baby and decided to take a break from selling clothes & focus more on my family and my blog. I took a nice little year long break from selling but I thought about my store and my customers every single day. Shop Monica's is officially back in business and my heart could explode just thinking about it. Thank you so much for supporting my dream, and sticking with me through the ups and downs. I couldn't do this without the support of all of you, y'all are the real MVPs.

Monica Kaase